Sukuma Museum in Bujora village

The Sukuma Museum in Bujora village, Mwanza, showcases various artifacts, including the grass hut of a traditional healer, blacksmith’s equipment, and a rotating cylinder illustrating different Sukuma counting terms from one to ten. One of the notable events hosted by the museum is the Bulabo Dance Festival in June, where dancers compete using animals, including big snakes, as props.

On the museum grounds, visitors can find the royal drum pavilion shaped like a king’s stool. This pavilion houses a collection of royal drums still played during church feast days, official government visits, and other special events. Additionally, there is a round church built in 1958 by David Fumbuka Clement, a Québecois missionary priest who founded the museum. This church incorporates traditional Sukuma stylings and adds to the cultural richness of the Sukuma Museum.