7 Day Great Wildebeest Serengeti Migration Mara River Crossing

safari with experience that offers a front-row seat to the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Wildebeest Migration along the Mara River migration Serengeti- accommodations that elevate your safari adventure. With Manyara Travel Club and Climbing you’ll be connected with the untouched beauty of Africa, coming to see the wildlife and capturing the stunning landscapes of Tanzania through your lens. With a trusted tour operator located lake Manyara and Arusha, enjoy comprehensive amenities including full board, a dedicated English-speaking guide, and exclusive access to a well-equipped 4×4 Jeep, complete with mineral water, power sockets, and binoculars for your convenience, Day 2; Lake Manyara national park, Day 2 Serengeti central seronela, Day 3, Mara River migration Serengeti, Day 4 Mara River migration Serengeti wilbeest, Day 5, Ngorongoro Simba camp, Days 6 Ngorongoro crater 5 hours ,Days 7 Tarangire After game drive Arusha .