Mkomazi National Park boasts a thinly populated yet diverse wildlife, characteristic of its dry landscape. Giraffes, antelopes, small kudu, impala, and Grant’s gazelle are common sightings. Elephants, buffalos, and various predators, including lions, leopards, and cheetahs, share the park. With some luck, you may also spot dik-diks, zebras, wildebeests, eland, and topi during a game drive. The park is home to a total of 78 recorded mammal species.

Birds in the National Park:

Mkomazi National Park hosts over 400 registered bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. Notable species include northern dry-country specials like Shelley’s starling and three-streaked tchagra. The park is also inhabited by hornbills, weaver birds, guinea fowl, martial eagles, and the striking vulturine guineafowl, a unique feature of the park. Large birds such as ostriches, kori bustards, secretary birds, and southern ground hornbills are commonly seen on the grassy plains. Additionally, migratory species like the European roller visit from November to April.Book through us WhatsApp +255676668468 info@manyaratravel.com