Ngorongoro Crater Day Safari

Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania . This Ngorongoro Crater day safari promises an awe-inspiring journey into a unique natural setting, providing an opportunity to witness the wonders of Africa’s wildlife in one of its most concentrated and diverse habitats ,Early Morning Departure:

Begin your Ngorongoro Crater day safari with an early morning departure from Arusha, immersing yourself in the scenic landscapes on the way to this extraordinary destination.
2. Arrival at Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

Arrive at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a protected region in Tanzania that encompasses the southern Serengeti’s short-grass plains and the ancient volcanoes of the Ngorongoro Highlands.
3. Descend into the Crater:

Start your descent into the Ngorongoro Crater, a caldera formed by an extinct volcano. The crater, with its 264 square kilometers of wetlands, forests, and grasslands, is a haven for an astonishing array of wildlife.
4. Unique Setting and Superb Game Viewing:

Marvel at the breathtaking setting of the Ngorongoro Crater, where nearly 30,000 large mammals coexist in a confined space. Experience superb game viewing as you encounter a diverse range of animals against the backdrop of this natural wonder.
5. Diverse Habitats:

Explore the diverse habitats within the crater, including grasslands, wetlands, and forests. The Ngorongoro Crater’s unique topography contributes to its reputation as one of Africa’s most exceptional safari destinations.
6. Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

Learn about the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, its significance in protecting wildlife, and its role in maintaining the ecological balance of the region.
7. Natural Wonder and Geological History:

Gain insights into the geological history of the Ngorongoro Crater and discover the fascinating processes that led to the formation of this natural wonder.
8. Concentration of Wildlife:

Witness the remarkable concentration of wildlife, including various species of mammals and birds, inhabiting different pockets of the crater.
9. Lunch with a View:

Enjoy a packed lunch with a spectacular view, savoring the unique experience of dining within the confines of the Ngorongoro Crater.
10. Ascent and Departure:

Conclude your day by ascending from the crater, bidding farewell to this extraordinary landscape. Begin the journey back to Arusha with memories of an unforgettable Ngorongoro Crater safari.Book through us WhatsApp +255676668468