Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro with Manyara Travel Club and Climbing for an unforgettable adventure. Known as the “Mountain of Light” or “Mountain of Greatness,” Kilimanjaro rises as the highest peak in Africa, a beacon for visitors worldwide.

About Kilimanjaro:

Kilimanjaro Metaphor for Beauty: Kilimanjaro is a metaphor for East Africa’s compelling beauty, standing as the tallest free-standing mountain globally.
Isolation and Height: Rising in isolation from coastal scrubland, it reaches an imperious 5,895 meters (19,336 feet)

Open to Climbers: Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most accessible high summits, attracting climbers globally.
Varied Climbing Routes: Choose from six trekking routes, each offering a unique experience.
Diverse Climatic Zones:

Virtual Climatic World Tour: The ascent traverses diverse climatic zones, from tropical to Arctic, showcasing nature’s wonders.
Wildlife and Vegetation: Encounter wildlife like elephants, leopards, and buffalo, with lush forests, giant lobelias, and alpine deserts.
What to Do:

Trekking Routes: Choose from various trekking routes, with options for day hikes and overnight stays.
Nature Trails: Explore nature trails on the lower slopes, offering glimpses of diverse flora and fauna.
Trout Fishing: Enjoy trout fishing experiences.
Chala Crater Lake: Visit the beautiful Chala Crater Lake on the mountain’s southeastern slopes.
Best Time to Go:

Clearest Conditions: December to February for clear and warm conditions.
Dry Months: July to September for dry but colder conditions.

Huts: Accommodations include huts along trekking routes.
Hotels: Several hotels available in Arusha and Moshi.
Embark on this incredible journey with Manyara Travel Club and Climbing, creating memories at every step. Minimum one person to a maximum group of 40 people. Book through us WhatsApp +255676668468