Mount Oldonyo Lengai

Mount Oldonyo Lengai. Mount Oldoinyo Lengai meaning “The Mountain of God” in the Maasai language, is a strato-volcano with a summit at 2962 meters above sea level. Located in northern Tanzania, just south of Lake Natron in the Rift Valley, it is the only officially-certified active volcano in the region and the world’s sole carbonatite volcano.Unique Volcano: Lengai is the only carbonatite volcano globally, with records of eruptions dating back to 1883.
Sacred Mountain: Regarded as sacred by the Maasai people, it offers direct views into its caldera.
Location and Views:

Rift Valley: Nestled in the Rift Valley, it provides stunning views of Lake Natron’s hot salt flats to the north.
Crater Highlands: To the south, explore the crater Highlands and the Ngorongoro Game Reserve.
Scenic Horizons: Kilimanjaro dominates the eastern horizons, while the western slopes of the Rift Valley showcase forested escarpments and hills.
Eruptions and Significance:

Eruption Frequency: Lengai erupts approximately every seven years, with plumes of smoke billowing out of the crater.
Cultural Importance: Locally, it holds cultural significance and is considered a sacred site.
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