Mto wa Mbu Tour

During this half-day tour, you will get a chance to meet the local inhabitants of Mto wa Mbu and see how they provide for themselves. Part of the tour is experiencing how Tanzania’s lands are farmed and how its products are being processed. You’ll learn about the uses of different bananas and get a chance to try Tanzania’s very own banana beers, a local brewery of the local tribe here our local guide from Manyara Travel club and climbing will guide you around Kigongoni village and Mto wa Mbu village lake Manyara.

Furthermore we learn about some other unique trades and craftmanships that are only practiced by certain tribes in Tanzania, like the wood-carving skills of the Makonde tribe. You’ll also get a chance to visit a local school and church to see what the daily life in Tanzania looks like.Book through us WhatsApp +255676668468