Lake Natron

lake Natron found in a dry, northern part of Tanzania, is like no other lake you’ve ever seen or heard about. parts of it sometimes turn red! And we bet you’ve never seen a red lake before.Lake Natron’s high alkalinity is beautiful, but hazardous. Its pH levels often exceed 10 and can reach a pH of 12, akin to that of ammonia. Therefore, the lake’s waters are caustic. It is capable of causing burns and irritations to human skin and eyes. Additionally, Lake Natron is subject to extremely high temperatures. Its water temperatures can push above 100°F (38°C).
Have There Been Human Deaths at Lake Natron?
While there are no known human deaths directly caused by the waters of Lake Natron, it is certainly a dangerous environment for people.
In 2007, a helicopter filled with a group of wildlife photographers crashed into the lake while hovering too low to the surface. The accident left the pilot with a broken leg and a passenger with a broken hip. However, the crew of nine were pulled from the wreckage by the local Maasai and everyone survived. One of the photographers stated that the toxic water burned his eyes and blurred his vision